Financial Close Management

Streamline your closing process by giving a versioned database backend to your Excel files. 

Financial Close is no longer a hassle

With PivotXL, whether it is importing data, making adjustments, eliminating inter-company transactions or management reporting, we make it easy for you.

Pivot XL - Data Checklist

Codify Your Monthly Close Checklist

Checklists are a great process building tool, but it has its limitations. Many items in a checklist can be automated through a task management tool and repeated on a monthly basis to keep everyone accountable.

With PivotXL, you can "Codify" your checklist using our complex task management functionality and put it to repeat every month, so the appropriate data entry, data processing, and approval happens on time.

You can check the status of any task with our task dashboard and follow-up with the user via the commenting tool if necessary.

Single Source Of Truth

When Excel files are passed around, the same data has to be copied and pasted and errors are introduced. With PivotXL you can reduce the hassle of managing data integrity by enforcing all data enters into a version controlled database.

If there is any discrepancy, you can review the data entries with a single click and make an appropriate determination or follow-up.

Importing Data From Operating Entities

Importing Data From Operating Entities

Often general ledger data has to be imported and converted into management specific reports. Many times the general ledger data for the various operating entities may be very different also. Hence a robust conversion mapping tool and process is necessary.

Do not fear, the PivotXL team will work with you closely and build custom scripts for converting G/L account into management specific account data to streamline your operations.

Simplified Reporting

Whether financial consolidation is used for management reporting or external reporting, PivotXL can streamline the whole process. Since all the data is stored in an OLAP database, the data can be extracted with the click of a button and converted into reports.

Templates can be pre-built with visual charts and graphs, and the data can be imported into the templates with the click of a button to update the visuals. If there is a need for custom analytics, no worries, you can have a deeper into the database and export it to your favorite data analytics tools for a deeper dive.

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