Rolling Forecasting Through COVID-19

Another buzzword in healthcare is Rolling forecasting; under descending financial pressure, increasing revenue, and market volatility.  Most healthcare industries have started implementing their forecasting strategies right during the Coronavirus pandemic. But the pandemic is not over yet and we are slowly moving back to normal; The New Normal (Living with

Pain points in Business Budgeting and Solutions To Address!

No matter how you start budgeting with an optimistic mind it will always make you insane by all the details, reports, calculation etcetera etcetera… We all know that the budgeting season keeps you up and running that you might forget the night and day. Budgeting is a time-consuming process where

Need Support In Budgeting for Your Business? PivotXL Can Help!

When you intend to earn money, you should plan how to manage that money. Managing money is not so easy,  In simple terms, Creating a plan to spend your money is Budgeting. If you are a startup company then you should look over your revenue and the expenditures for the

FP & A Roadmap: Advanced Budgeting Planning and Forecasting

FP&A – Financial Planning & Analysis!!! It is an Art & Science; it gives complete access to the organization’s manager during risky times to make perfect decisions and inform them of development opportunities for the enterprise.

Prepare For Budgeting Season – Where To Start?

Budgeting! Budgeting! Budgeting! – Everywhere! Budget is the basic notion of a business. If you want to succeed you cannot miss out budgeting. Once you start making money, you should create a plan on how to spend it. And here we call that plan as Budgeting.

Tips for Surviving Annual Budgeting Season

So, How is your budgeting for this season going on? Got a perfect budget and forecast planned for 2021?  Or you are pulled back by the limitations and challenges? Or is it running smoothly? Don’t worry! If you think you are the only one struggling, you’re wrong. You are not