Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

PivotXL streamlines the budgeting and forecasting by keeping data at your fingertips.

Access to Budget, Actuals and Forecast is a click away

Organizations spend too much time passing Excel files back and forth and aggregating data or having a learn another software. With PivotXL the choice is easy. No learning curve while having cloud software integrity and functionality.

Give Structure To Your Data

Give Structure To Your Data

Tracking of forecasting and actuals data and comparing it with the budget requires a consistent collection of data and insights from multiple users.

Many organizations pass around Excel files with thousands of data points and aggregate the data on a daily basis. This can get cumbersome very quickly

With PivotXL – all your Excel data can be collected into a multi-dimensional data structure with a single click of a button. The collected data can be sliced and diced through Pivot tables by business users.

Collaborate With Ease

Collaborate With Ease

Emails are not an ideal channel for collecting insights and obtaining approval. Conversations can get muddled, and there can be no standardized approval process.

With PivotXl’s task management functionality, all the conversations can be centralized around a task with pre-set completion dates and built-in approval.

Once your workflows are set-up, our application will do the hard work of alerting the appropriate team members and keeping everyone on track. We also have in-built commenting capability to streamline communication centered around a task.

Controlled Data Access

Data can be an asset and a liability. We want to empower our users with the right data but not overload them with sensitive or irrelevant information.

PivotXL’s cumulative set of features provides the capability to provide the right kind of access to the right kind of data. Users have permissioned access to access at the database and template level.

Also, all the data is versioned. When a user submits data, the previous copy is kept as a backup and can be reviewed if there is a discrepancy.


Manually collecting appropriate data from ERP, CRM and HR systems can get error-prone and outright annoying.

Our data validation scripting functionality and data connectors allow for seamless manual, semi-automatic and automatic collection and aggregation of data.

Coupled with our calculation engine, automatic scripting capability dashboards can be automated and what-if scenarios can be easily calculated.

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