The world of accounting and finance is stuffed with stressors, from regulatory compliance to new business demands. And stress is often sensible from time to time, driving your employees to be even a lot of productive and embrace a “we’re beat this together” perspective to satisfy objectives and cross the project goal. Once the strain level becomes too intense and sustained, however, staff will suffer — and probably burn out. Here we can see the ways of managing stress in the finance sector.

As a CFO, you can do a lot to help employees ease the work pressure and even increase work satisfaction. Here are three ways that help to reduce workplace stress for your team:

Schedule Meetings Efficiently

Finance Meetings
Finance Meetings

When workers meet pressing deadlines and anxious clients, the last thing they want is to be pulled away from their work for unwanted meetings. So, before planning meetings with your team, be sure to you ask yourself the following questions:

Is this meeting really necessary?  If you want to convey routing or non-emergency information, consider using email. So that the workers can read in their free time. Save in-person meetings for major news, mission-critical project updates, ideation sessions or hashing out significant issues.

Who are the attendees? Be decisive with your attendee list. Inviting the entire team will be a waste of time, Invite only key players who all necessary for the meetings.

What’s the Schedule? The meeting should have a definite purpose. Let attendees know the agenda in prior so they can prepare and engage during the meeting. 

Make Coming to Work Enjoyable:

Manage stress - Enjoyable workplace

Working in the finance sector can be challenging, employers want to ensure that their employees aren’t dreading their workday ahead. Incorporating little activities or gatherings can make all of the difference.  If an employer’s team is unhappy, chances are the work ethic won’t be up to par.

As a CFO encourage your employees is to hold a themed pot-luck lunch every last Friday of the month and give them full range to come up with ideas.  Having company meal lifts overall company morale, increases productivity, boosts worker satisfaction and, most importantly, gets workers up from having lunch at their desks. employers shouldn’t want their employees feeling a lack of social support.

Adapting to new tech tools

Manage stress - Adopting new Tech Tools
Adopting new Tech Tools

A company culture that values — and enables — collaboration and connectivity for all employees can create a more positive work environment. Workers who feel disconnected and isolated within an organization can experience heightened stress and low morale.

Look for a cloud-based solution so that employees can access their data from anywhere in a highly secured environment. While moving to tech tools in FP&A make sure it should not be a burden to employees, they can able to adopt the new tech tools with ease.

Look for technology tools that can improve communication and encourage idea-sharing throughout your department. Some of the more popular cross-platform applications include Skype, Google Hangouts, Asana, Slack (These tools will also help a team of telecommuters to stay productive and connected.)

So, be sure to help your team learn new tools and automation in Finance— and adapt to new ways of working. It will reduce workplace stress for your workers.

Everyone who is employed at some point will feel work-related stress, especially when working in the financial sector. Employers should be looking for ways to lessen your employees’ stress levels for ensuring it doesn’t become chronic stress. While employers may not always be able to deter stress for their employees, they can take steps and incorporate tactics that will help them manage work-related stress better, which doesn’t only benefit the employee but their work as well.

PivotXL health tools can help to save time and go with recent technology.
PivotXL Finance Tool

One of the other ways to reduce stress with digital tools is to reduce the stress it takes to learn a new tool. Most finance users are used to Excel and understand basic finance concepts. You might want to big software tools for FP&A and budgeting that fits with the way that your organization is already working. 

With PivotXL, your finance team can use Microsoft Excel as they always do with adopting new technology by just installing our add-in using Microsoft-app store. This eliminates the risk that you will invest in costly technology and also your workers feel very comfortable to keep using excel and 400+ built-in functions. As your employees continue to use excel familiar interface, you can see rapid ROI. SO the employees can create month-end / year-end close 50 percent faster with 80 percent fewer errors.