When you intend to earn money, you should plan how to manage that money. Managing money is not so easy, 

In simple terms, Creating a plan to spend your money is Budgeting. If you are a startup company then you should look over your revenue and the expenditures for the whole fiscal year and calendar year. While creating a budget keep in mind to note your spendings the previous year and how much you would like to earn in the upcoming year whether to earn higher or lower than your generated revenue.

Every budgeting software is a powerful tool packed with lots of features. While selecting the software for your business make sure that it works well and suits your business in every way without any drawbacks. Some software does have drawbacks which you should be aware of.

Let’s see how PivotXL can help you in your business budgeting needs.

A budgeting software should fulfill all your business  requirements rather than demanding you to change your business operation convenient for the software.

We clearly understand your needs and customize PivotXL to be suitable for your business in every aspect.

Fluctuating Figures

Finance team cannot predict or analyse the expense and revenue of an enterprise accurately, there will always be some fluctuation in the income or expense. PivotXL is very flexible that it adapts well with fluctuating expense and generate reports based on the modified data.

Also, PivotXL allows you to edit the categories that you mention in the budget. We know that categories are the base for creating a budget, by not allowing to edit the categories will affect the budget in one way or the other. So, brilliantly avoid software that forces you to use their default settings.

Easier and Detailed Reports 

A budgeting software’s primary responsibility is to collect data from various departments, gather them, generate a report based on those data and share it among all the necessary teams.

While generating a report, we should keep in mind that the report should be understandable by everyone. In PivotXL we made sure to generate reports that are simple and easy avoiding complex structures. 

You might think that simple reports wouldn’t be as informative as higher end reports but to prove it wrong we designed PivotXL which shows all the necessary details to be included in the report in an easier way which most softwares don’t do nowadays.

Detailed reports actually shows what is your actual expenditure, the amount you have budgeted and finally what is the difference between those two data. PivotXL also allows you to print reports rather than taking screenshots for a off-line version.

Data Encryption

With PivotXL on the frontline, you do not need to worry about security. We consider Security as one of the primary aspects of budgeting. PivotXL  encrypts all your confidential data and only shares with people whom you would like to share. 

Having PivotXL as a budgeting software helps you in many ways; you can link your account information in this budgeting software without having a second thought.

Data Transfer

Most enterprises won’t pay close attention to data transfer while purchasing a budgeting software. But data transportation is an important factor to consider while picking a software.

PivotXL allows you to export data in file formats that are easily readable by spreadsheet softwares like Excel.

Setup and Installation

This might come as a surprise for you! Most of us think that installation and set up are not an important factor; but they also play a major role in maintaining a long-term relationship with the software. 

PivotXL does not require a dedicated person or a programmer to look after the installation and the operation, also it cuts the training time for employees. PivotXL can be used by everyone in your enterprise due to its ease of use and simple interface.

Picking the perfect software for your business is a cumbersome process. But keep all these factors in mind while selecting a software because this software plays a crucial role in bringing up growth and stability to your business. 

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