Reporting Made Simple

Whether it is external reporting, internal reporting or regulatory reporting, use PivotXL to maintain data quality and slice and dice the information to get a holistic perspective of your business.


Custom Database Creation

Our custom cube creation tool allows you to create a multi-dimensional database within our cloud environment. Each cube can be given multiple dimensions, and each dimension can be provided with multiple dimension members.

Once the cube is created, it becomes the framework for data collection through our custom workflow management tool and Excel integration. Rest assured, if there are any data discrepancies, our version management tool will help you look into the details and solve it without much hassle.

Streamlined Data Collection

Data Collection can be a nightmare without the right tools and processes. All business unit level data might be stored in disparate systems, and you might need to get predictions that primarily comes through human interaction. This can be a daunting process, especially if done via email or by scheduling multiple conference calls.

Fortunately, PivotXL has just the right tools to streamline the data collection process. Our task management tools can be configured to automate reminders and can be repeated at regular intervals to streamline the collection process. You have complete visibility into the task issues and have the commenting capability within the task to collaborate effectively.


Excel Integration

Excel is one of the most complex tools around for creating linkages and calculations. It would be unwise for any organization to let go of the power of Excel. However, the flexibility of Excel also limits its ability to collaborate effectively.

PivotXL provides the best of both worlds. We use Excel as the front end while providing a cloud database as the back end. You can keep the linking and calculation engine within Excel while using our add-in to send and receive data to your custom database engine that you created.

External Integrations

Often the finance team has to bring in data from other source systems such as the accounting system, ERP, etc. Sometimes each business unit might have its own specific source system as well. Bringing it all together on a regular basis can be daunting.

PivotXL takes those worries out of your hands. Our hands-on implementation team will build out customer interface and custom scripts to ensure that data is transferred seamlessly. All we need are the business rules from your side, and we will do the rest.