WHY pivotXL?

Stay Within Excel.

The comfort of Excel in an enterprise-class solution

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INFO Our Microsoft Excel Add-in Has Been Officially Approved by the Microsoft App Store 


The PivotXL FP&A and month-end close software is built on top of Excel using Microsoft cloud add-in technology. We at PivotXL provide a secure single source of consolidation where multiple users can collaborate with budget data without worrying about data accuracy in Excel. PivotXL also keeps an audit trail of all the data. PivotXL can be integrated with all types of application like ERP, CRM, and GL to bring your data automatically to Excel-based templates.

PivotXL is Finance-driven

PivotXL uses Excel as its primary source so users can easily adapt to the system. Users do not need to learn any new spreadsheeting language. Formulas and charting can be delivered within Excel. Individual Excel cells can be linked to the database using our proprietary Excel add-in that can be downloaded from the Microsoft app store.

By combining the power our our Excel app and cloud multi-dimensional database technology, you can create your own FP&A and month-end solutions with ease. 

81% of companies that already have a CPM solution supplement it with spreadsheets.

– BPM Partners’ Pulse of Performance Management Survey

The ROI of PivotXL

By using PivotXL; preparation of budgets, forecasts and monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports can both automated and produced dramatically faster; perhaps by as much 60%.

PivotXL will streamline the collection, aggregation, and reporting of data from multiple sources, with consistency and increased accuracy - providing faster results and a shortened period-end close. The time for data collection will be reduced by 70% to 20 % with the integration of PivotXL as your CPM.

PivotXL integrations allow you to compare day to day actuals vs budgets reports in an easy manner. This product helps you to forecast the future and close your month-end reports faster.


Consolidate and Report Faster


Improve reports data accuracy


Eliminate extraneous Excel spreadsheets