Transform financial performance into a team sport

PivotXL provides your team with sophisticated tools for collaboration, automation, and systematizing your FP&A processes, converting each challenge into a chance for growth and success

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Budgeting and MIS software for mid-sized Companies

End the spreadsheet struggle, CSV chaos, and the search for outdated files. Say goodbye to cumbersome, outdated software. Experience the power of modern FP&A software designed for small and mid-tier companies.

Secure Cloud

Our application is constructed atop SOC2-approved data centers, bolstered by multiple security controls at the application level to ensure enhanced security.

SaaS Model

You won't need to worry about internal hosting or IT management. Finance teams can fully manage the application.

Built on top of Excel

Our platform is built on the familiar foundation of Excel, allowing you to leverage your existing modeling skills, while providing robust data guardrails for enhanced reliability and security

our features

Comprehensive Task Management

Task Management Essentials

Our system is equipped with reviewers, approvers, due dates, comments, and support for essential documents

Enhanced Systematization

Incorporates draft and recurring tasks to streamline and systematize key processes effectively.

Continuous Updates & Accessibility

Ensures ongoing accountability with regular updates on task progress and approvals, while keeping all key documents and insights readily accessible.

Cube Data Storage

User-Friendly Data Interaction

Unlike complex SQL databases, our Cube Data Storage offers a simpler format that allows easy slicing and dicing of data, making it particularly user-friendly for finance professionals.

Customizable for Various Needs

The storage system is highly adaptable to diverse business scenarios, enabling easy customization for different business

Flexible Capabilities

Paired with customizable groupings and roll-ups, our Cube Data Storage facilitates the creation of various financial statements and reports, including multiple types of P&L statements, balance sheets, and more

Excel and Web Dashboards

Excel-Integrated Reporting

Leverage deep Excel integration for versatile report creation and utilize Excel's robust calculation engine for forecasting models.

Collaborative Web Dashboards

Design and share dashboards with ease, enhancing teamwork and communication.

Accessible Sharing

Tailor dashboard sharing to ensure the right people have access to critical information and insights.



Travis Lockhart

Manager of Finance and Business Analytics, Young Brothers Limited

We had purchased another on-premise system five years back that was not being actively used. PivotXL allowed us to use our existing Excel templates and slowly transition into a cloud system.

Melina Fleming

Finance Manager, Young Brothers Limited

I have been using PivotXL for 3 years now. It’s user auditability, validation reports and streamlined workflow has significantly increased our budgeting process and accuracy of output numbers.

Case Study

PivotXL transformed Young Brothers’ budgeting process into a more efficient, collaborative, and data-driven operation. This strategic partnership enabled their leadership to focus on driving business growth and making informed decisions, setting the stage for impressive results and long-term success in their financial management.

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