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Streamline your FP&A, month-end close and Financial Reporting

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PivotXL In A Nutshell

Give your data more structure and automate low level tasks for better operational and financial planning

Financial Report

  1. Convert Excel to a cube database

    Use our simple interface to create cubes. Each cube can have multiple dimensions, dimension members and measures. Connect the Excel cells to any cell in the cube.

  2. Slice and Dice data in different dimensions

    With our modern Microsoft add-in, upload and download data from the cloud to your spreadsheet templates. Use Pivot tables and other business intelligence tools to analyze data as you wish.

  3. Use our Workflow Manager to automate tasks

    Our workflow manager allows you to create complex tasks and attach templates to the task so completion and approval can be managed without any manual hassle. Alerts and notifications can be custom designed to keep users updated.

Best Performance Management

If you are emailing Excel files back and forth or are using a Corporate Performance Management system only to bring it all down to Excel and re-do all your formatting, you should look into PivotXL. We are a corporate performance management software built on top of Microsoft Excel.

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PivotXL removes all the manual tasks in data collection, aggregation and reporting. We keep the powerful features of Excel while giving you the integrity of a cloud database to enhance decision making and streamline business operations.

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Save Time

Save time by automating low level tasks and streamlining your workflow process

Make Better Decisions

Go beyond basic template-based reporting to "slicing and dicing" the data in a multitude of ways and even ad-hoc analysis through Pivot Tables.

Become Agile

Increase the frequency of insight collection and respond to the market faster than your competition.

Excel Based Budgeting & Planning Software

Manage your budget and planning online; Understand your budgeting and have a better yet bright financial future with accurate forecasting. Track your expense and income precisely.

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PivotXL allows for a wide variety of use cases; the most common ones are in transformational financial planning, financial close and reporting.

  • Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting

    Structure your data in a way that makes sense for your business and collect relevant information at frequent intervals.

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  • Reporting

    Don't limit your reporting needs to your spreadsheet design. Slice, dice, and chart the data as you see fit.

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  • Financial Close Management

    Take your spreadsheets through the financial close process with a structured data backend and built-in automation tools.

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