The Cube

Combines Best of Excel and SQL

Cube data storage addresses Excel's limitations in handling multiple files and lack of audit trails, while avoiding the complexity and steep learning curve associated with SQL databases.

Optimized for Financial Analysis

Cubes offer a multidimensional framework that's more suitable for financial analysis, providing flexibility to shift between multi-dimensional and two-dimensional data structures and tailoring them to various business needs.

User-Friendly and Secure

Ensures a balance between ease of use and robust data management, enhancing data security and organization for insightful financial analysis without the risks of data mishandling.

Groupings and Roll-Ups

Enhanced Data Aggregation

Groupings and roll-ups allow for the consolidation of multiple data elements into higher-order structures. This feature is particularly useful in cases like rolling up trial balances into comprehensive financial statements such as P&L statements and balance sheets

Versatile Reporting Options

With the ability to create multiple types of groupings, the same trial balance or raw data can be organized into various formats. This versatility enables the creation of tailored reports that cater to the specific needs of management or operational departments.

User-Friendly Financial Insights

The grouping and roll-up functionality transforms complex financial data into accessible and insightful reports. This makes it easier for decision-makers to understand and utilize financial information for strategic planning and operational management.

Deep Excel Integration

Microsoft Excel Approved Add-In

Our platform is an officially approved Microsoft Excel add-in, easily accessible and downloadable from the Excel add-in store, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with Excel.

Unified Access and Mapping Capabilities

Users can log in to the app using their web app credentials and effortlessly map Excel cells to cube cells. This feature provides a streamlined experience and enhances data consistency between the web app and Excel.

Flexible Mapping and Filtering Options

The platform offers various mapping options, including single cell mapping, row and column sets mapping, and pattern-based mapping. Additionally, users can apply filters to view multiple data sets, allowing for customized data analysis and reporting tailored to specific needs.

Audit Trail

Limitations of Excel in Data Tracking

While Excel can store data, it lacks essential guardrails like audit trails. This means edits in Excel are hard to trace, potentially disrupting processes and risking significant data loss.

Robust Audit Trail in PivotXL

PivotXL features a comprehensive audit trail system. Every data revision is stored as the latest version, allowing users to review historical changes at any time, enhancing data integrity and accountability.

Detailed Edit Insights and Security

PivotXL not only tracks who made edits, from which view, and when, but also offers advanced functionality to lock cells. This prevents unauthorized edits, ensuring data remains accurate and secure.

Task Management

Addressing FP&A Challenges

One of the primary challenges in FPA is to streamline and systematize critical processes like budgeting, reporting, and variance analysis. Effective task management plays a crucial role in achieving this, ensuring that these key processes are conducted efficiently and systematically.

Comprehensive Task Management Features

Our task management system is equipped with a range of functionalities including assignment of reviewers and approvers, setting due dates, enabling comments, and providing document support. These features facilitate a structured and organized approach to managing various FP&A tasks.

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Enhanced Communication and Accountability

Once a task is set in motion, the system ensures continuous updates on its progress and required approvals. This keeps everyone involved informed and accountable. Additionally, all key documents and insights related to the task are always easily accessible, supporting informed decision-making and efficient task completion.

Draft and Recurring Tasks

Pre-Programmed Task Creation

Tasks can be set up in advance with all details, including assignees and supporting documents, pre-programmed. This feature is especially useful for meticulous planning and preparation, ensuring smooth task execution when needed.

Storage and Release of Draft Tasks

Draft tasks are systematically stored and can be released as required, offering flexibility and timely execution. This proves particularly beneficial during crucial times like budgeting season, allowing for immediate action on prepared tasks.

Efficiency in Monthly Financial Tasks

Recurring tasks are particularly effective for monthly financial procedures such as month-end closing. Automating these routine tasks not only saves time but also ensures a consistent and systematic approach to these critical financial operations, enhancing the overall accuracy and efficiency of the financial reporting process.

Collaborative Dashboards

Intuitive Dashboard Design

Finance executives can easily create dynamic dashboards using cube data. The process is user-friendly, allowing for quick and efficient design without requiring extensive technical skills.

Diverse Visualization Options

Each dashboard can include a variety of charts and graphs, such as scorecards, line charts, column charts, pie charts, and waterfall charts. This range of visualization tools enables comprehensive and clear data presentation, catering to different analysis needs.

Collaborative and Interactive Dashboards

The dashboards are designed for collaboration. They can be shared with specific users, who can then interact by commenting directly on the data. This collaborative feature facilitates deeper analysis, helping FP&A teams to quickly uncover underlying causes ('the 5 whys') and make timely adjustments to stay on track with their financial plans.


Versatile Data Uploads

PivotXL specializes in integrating with various systems, even those without a web API or connector. It supports robust data upload methods, handling cell level data, roll-up data, and transactional data to ensure comprehensive data matching.

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Seamless API Connectivity

For source systems equipped with an API, PivotXL utilizes a cloud connector to regularly pull data, process it, and store it efficiently in the designated cells.

Comprehensive Data Consolidation

These integration features enable effective consolidation of data from diverse sources like ERP, accounting, and CRM systems, ensuring all relevant data is captured and utilized for accurate analysis and decision-making.

Advanced Controls

Link Security Management

Admins can swiftly remove compromised spreadsheet links from the web dashboard, enhancing data protection.

Full Data Ownership

The option to download the entire data cube ensures complete control over your data, facilitating secure offline access and backup.

Advanced Administrative Tools

The system provides robust admin controls for efficient and secure data management, safeguarding the integrity of your platform.