A must try Budgeting Solution; Peculiar We are @ PivotXL!

We Plan, We believe, We focus, We work &
We grab SUCCESS.

We do have a Mission, ie., To steer struggling organizations towards a brighter and profitable future.

Our experts – study your history, gather insights, closely monitor market fluctuation and find ways to tweak that change in your benefit.

Everyone started asking business owners to ditch Spreadsheet. But Why? We do agree that spreadsheet has some drawbacks; so, we searched for ways to turn drawbacks into upgrades. That’s how PivotXL was developed by us.

A software based on excel spreadsheet that does Budget, Forecast and Reports automatically, offering ways of success to your business. Our software lets you make right decisions confidently. 


What drives us

We are driven by the need to please, and we are eager to gain a strong reputation as a self-service business intelligence and finance management toolkit.

Senthil Premraj

Founder & CEO

Ragul R

Sr. Software Engineer

Sooraj P Suresh

Sr. Software Engineer

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